Angeline Rouers


Immunologist, I currently work on dengue at the Singapore Immunology Network. I also grab every opportunity to communicate about sciences around me. I carried Pint of Science in my luggage to Singapore. Big challenge, but as we say in Singlish… Can!

Isabelle Bonne



I’m a Cell Biologist in Electron Microscopy working at the National University of Singapore . I usually share my time with Science, family and friends and to traveling. I'm very excited to have PoS in Singapore this year and look forward to meet all of you there.

Linda Sellou

Secretary - Manager of Hawker events


I am a chemist by training but now I teach interdisciplinary science and Science communication at NUS. I love volcanoes and glaciers!

Flora Teoh

Community Manager

I used to be a fungal biologist but am now a science editor with Health Feedback, a fact-checking organisation dedicated to news about health and biology. Science's importance to our daily lives cannot be overstated. Through my work, I hope to provide accurate science information to the public and thus improve public science literacy. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading and dragonboating. I also run obstacle races for the fun of it!

Sarah Geiger

Community Manager


I moved from the US (Seattle area) to Singapore as a PhD student with NUS and A*STAR, working with statistical applications on bacterial genomes.
Scientific discoveries are constantly changing the world, revealing nature’s secrets, and challenging our ethical beliefs. Science impacts everyone, so let’s talk frankly about it! There’s always time to learn something new and explore the unknown.

Eric Peterson

Community Manager


As a machete-wielding biologist and engineer, I have spent years in South America hacking through jungles and building bioenergy projects in conflict zones. Now, I do fermentation research at Biotrans at A*STAR in Singapore, and have a personal interest in fungi, biomass, astrobiology, and Sudarsky’s gas giant classification. From time to time, I have been known to spin a good yarn.

Henriette Cornet



I work for a German-Singaporean research institute with a team of industrial designers. We develop future autonomous mobility concepts using Virtual Reality. I’m very excited to be part of PoS and communicate my enthusiasm about urban mobility!

Marta Garcia Miralles



I am a neuroscientist working at the Translational Laboratory in Genetic Medicine in Singapore. Currently I am studying the neuropathology of Huntington disease as well as evaluating the therapeutic potential of several drugs for the treatment of this neurodegenerative disorder. I am very excited to be part of the Pint of Science team and help bringing the latest research topics to the public while enjoying a cold beer.

Lilian Kisiswa



I’m a neurobiologist with a keen interest in science communication and public engagement. I have been a science advocate for the more than a decade now, conducting activities both is United kingdom and Sweden and received recognition for my work. I strongly believe that it is of outmost importance to have a open and vibrant dialogue between scientist and general public. After all knowledge not shared is useless knowledge.

Haihan Tan



I am a developmental biologist studying the miscontrol of genetic factors in stem cell maintenance and congenital heart disease. After being an eager participant of Pint of Science in London where I had studied and worked for some time, I joined the organising team for the Singapore edition after moving home so that I can help spread the love for science far and wide. Join me for a chat about anything science-related over a good dram of rum or whiskey!

Moses Kakanga


I am a biochemistry PhD graduate from the National University of Singapore. I am currently a founder in residency at Entrepreneur First an incubator that helps aspiring entrepreneurs build companies from scratch. I am interested in organizing scientific talks and symposium. I am also keen at helping taking ideas from the bench to the market.

Maanasa Ravikumar


Hello! I am a PhD student studying stem cell ageing mechanisms at National University of Singapore. I'm passionate about bringing science out of the labs and into the open. Science is within and all around us; its beauty becomes apparent if we only cared enough to look...what better way to do this than over a pint, eh?

Anthony M. Torres



I come from the land of the Ceviches and Pisco Sours (also known as Peru). When I am not eating or learning new languages, I’m a second-year PhD student at the A*STAR Singapore Immunology Network working under the guidance of Dr Lisa Ng on weird African mosquito-borne viruses and their interactions with malaria parasites upon co-infection. I’m also part of the Graduate Student Association of the Department of Biochemistry at NUS. My studies and research are sponsored by a SINGA scholarship, coffee and dark chocolate.

Weili Xu



I am Weili, a Research Fellow, working in Anis Larbi’s Laboratory at Singapore Immunology Network (A*STAR SIgN) on Immunity and Aging.

Other than the immune system, I also love to spend my time immersing in nature (i.e. both hiking and diving) with my drone and cameras to capture unique and wonderful moments that nature has to offer :)

Sebastian Stadler



I am an industrial designer and work as a research associate / PhD student for a German-Singaporean research institute that develops future mobility concepts for Singapore. My main research topic focuses on the usage of Virtual Reality during every stage of the design process. This includes case studies on autonomous public transport for Singapore and Human-Machine Interfaces for pedestrians.

Yun Ting Soong



I came across Pint of Science 2018, joined as an audience member, and thought it was a great movement to help out in. I graduated from NUS Life Sciences in 2017, and have been working in A*STAR IBN since. From my uni experiences, I’m used to brutally summarising my work and its background --- or conversely, listening and nodding politely along if you’re in the mood for talking. I like gabbing with people about science, especially when they're passionate about it too, so let's have fun :)

Chrissie Lim



At the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, I help doctors figure out how rare immune disorders arise in their patients so we can improve their treatment in real time. When the gloves come off, I sing a cappella and enjoy a good hike. I am a strong advocate of returning our work to the public and look forward to bringing you the excitement of discovery -- pale ales and dry Rieslings at hand!

Pei Yin Lim



I am a virologist and am fascinated by how viruses make people sick. I would like to share my experience as a virologist to the public and maybe convince you that working with viruses is fun.

Daniel Teh



My study focuses on interventions of healthy-ageing through multi-disciplinary approaches including but not limited to pharmacological, artificial intelligence and natural products from a neuroscience perspective. I also love hiking, sports and badminton during my free time. 

Germaine Shalla



I'm currently Deputy Director of Science Communications & Archives at A*STAR.

A former journalist, entrepreneur, hotelier, and Public Relations maven, I continue to wear many of these hats as creative lead of  the annual one-north Festival and other outreach initiatives from A*STAR. Since joining in 2012, my quest has been to bring science and the public together to change the way science is perceived and appreciated by general audiences. Beyond work, my interests lie in entrepreneurship, digital story-telling and public speaking on behalf of communities that need greater visibility.

Felicia Liu



I’m an economic geographer studying the development of private climate finance in Asia. I also geek out on palm oil and peat in my free time. I strongly believe in communicating academic and scientific research to the public. Looking forward to meeting you all at PoS 2019!

Joy Shu Fen Ho



I did materials engineering for my undergraduate and structural biology for my PhD. I enjoy good coffee and awesome science. On the side, I love value investing. I enjoy researching companies that are undervalued. I organised PoS back when I was in Oxford. I am glad to be part of the SG team too. PoS is a great place where we could discuss science with the public.

Aneesh Karkhanis



A Pharmacist by education, I am currently working as a Research Fellow at Singapore Immunology Network. My work at SIgN focuses on discovering ways to detect potential skin allergens in everyday consumer care products. My free time is spent reading books, conjuring healthy recipes, doing hatha yoga or just vegetating. Communication of right science to the public seems to be more important than ever before and I am glad to be a part of Pint of Science. Welcome to PoS 2019!

Venugopalan Raghavan



Working as a fluid dynamics researcher at IHPC, I am fascinated by science & technology (mainly aero, space & auto mobiles). You can always find me reading up on the latest happenings on science (hoping to see news about Lightsabers & Warp Drives!) or out quizzing. Seeing the effort needed to bring science to the general public has inspired me to try my hand at it. I am excited to be a part of Pint of Science & hope to see you there! Cheers & Live Long and Prosper! 

Bharathi Boppana



As a Fluid Dynamicist @ IHPC, I use computational tools to address the problems related to environmental flows. Fascinated by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), I catch up with documentaries, TED talks or related blogs in my spare time. Even more fun and exciting is to be able to communicate this fascination through Pint of Science pub quiz. See you folks soon!

Kanchana Ganeish



I was roped into Pint of Science by friends who love quizzes as much as I do. As a life science graduate, my interests particularly lie in neuroscience, among other interests such as pub quizzes (obviously!) and staying active. I believe that this event is a great way to make science fun and accessible to the masses. Let’s get drunk on science!

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