Game of Microbes: Time to counterattack!

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The infectious diseases army has always posed a high threat to the global population of Westeros. Scientists have been fighting for centuries to develop new weapons and build up defences in order to keep microbes beyond the wall. However, the resurgence of an ancient evil has equipped bacteria and parasites troops with a new armour made of antimicrobial resistant genes. Join us at this event to know more about the scientists faction’s quest for Falconglass and Pasteurian steel to win this never-ending battle!

Wednesday 22 May - Doors open at 6.30pm - Event starts at 7.00pm

Red Dot Brewhouse 33/34 Boat Quay Singapore 049823


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Amit Singhal

Principal Investigator, Singapore Immunology Network, A*STAR

Can we tackle drug resistance tsunami?

The alarming rise of anti-microbial resistance poses a serious threat to global public health. Antibiotic resistance has been associated with multiple poor outcomes, including increased mortality, length of hospital stay, and health care costs. There is an urgent need to develop effective approaches capable of alleviating drug-resistance. Drying up of drug-discovery pipelines and exit of major pharma have further exaggerated the situation. Are we heading to pre-antibiotic era? Can we move away from the use of antibiotics? Can we design novel interventions to mitigate drug-resistance?


Carla Claser

Research Scientist, Singapore Immunology Network, A*STAR

Malaria: a “ménage à trois” love story

Are you wondering why malaria is considered a “ménage à trois” love story? Why malaria is still considered a huge problem? Who is at risk? Can malaria be treated? How the immune system acts to defeat the disease? Is Singapore malaria free? In this talk I will be sharing the new advances done in research so far that have improved our knowledge on malaria pathogenesis and provided the basis for the development of novel interventions to control it.