The Artistry of Perception

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Everyday we absorb input regarding the sights, scents and textures all around us. These interactions define the human experience, but what if we tweak our perception and look at this information in a new way? Join us as we explore ways in which the brain processes and interprets the beauty of the world around us.

Wednesday 22 May - Doors open at 6.15pm - Event starts at 7.00pm

Lime House - 2 Jiak Chuan Rd Singapore 089260

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Kat Agres

Research Scientist and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR and NUS

Most people view music primarily as a form of entertainment... but can it be far more than that? Can music contribute to one's overall health and well-being? The fields of music therapy and medical technology have both made significant strides in recent years, and are beginning to align as they move forward. I will present some recent advances in the therapeutic applications of music, and discuss how researchers are exploring the use of music-based technologies to support mental health, cognition, and even motor ability in clinical contexts.

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Dawn-Joy Leong

Independent artist, researcher, and consultant

The world is full of constant sensory stimuli and for many, it’s simple to sieve the neurological input, both reducing the stress associated with information processing but also reducing our ability to perceive the depth and beauty of everything around us. My talk will cover the experience of autism and neurodiversity and how a change in perception can bring a deeper connection to our environment.

Dr. Dawn-joy Leong is an independent researcher and multi-artist presenting autism as parallel embodiment, with a focus on sensory-cognitive idiosyncrasy and their unique expressions. Find more here: