The Science of Zen


How can we use our understanding of science to improve our personal well-being and to reach the basic needs of our communities? Join us for beer and learn about new strategies for relaxation and food distribution. In this session, we will have talks spanning nutrition, well-being and entrepreneurship.

Tuesday 21 May - Doors open at 6.30pm - Event starts at 7.00pm

32 Carpenter St , Singapore 059911


Offered Drinks!

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Pascale Jenart

Qi Gong Master Duan 4 / Founder, Chi Balance

Qi Gong, Ancient Wisdom To the Rescue of Modern Life

Qi Gong 'Life Energy Cultivation' has his roots in in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), dating back more than 4,000 years. It is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation. With a work environment increasingly demanding, more and more ruthless, we are increasingly exposed to stress with more and more mental, physical and emotional consequences.TCM believe that aches and pains (physical and mental) are the result of a blockage in our vital energy (Qi). With a series of simple postures, fluid exercises and breathing techniques, Qi Gong work to open up muscles, joints, and tendons and work on acupuncture points to remove energy blockages so that energy can flow unimpeded throughout the body. Reconnecting Body and Mind.Come and rediscover your self-healing power and how to restart your internal energy with Qi Gong, meditation in motion.


Caroline Sevoz-Couche

Researcher, National University of Singapore, INSERM France

When breathing means resonance… 

It is known for thousand of years that a deep breath is good to fight stress …But not only actually ! We also can control cravings or increase our resistance to pain for exemple, only by the respiration. Recent advances in Neuroscience give clues to understand the link between respiration and brain, with the discovery of a specific respiratory pattern at a “resonant” frequency. Tonight’s talk will present very simply notions to understand what is the resonant frequency before an overview of the beneficial effects of the deep breathing.

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Regina Moench-Pfanner

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Founder, ibn360

Dr. Regina Moench-Pfanner is Founder and CEO of ibn360, a consulting firm specialising in food, nutrition and health ( She has 30 years’ experience leading development and nutrition programs in emerging markets. She began her career with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, leading major relief operations in Africa and Eastern Europe before moving into development to improve nutrition through public-private-civic initiatives. She is a Fulbright Scholar, holds a MSc in International Nutrition, Michigan State University, USA and a Doctorate from the University of Bonn, Germany. Regina has published and co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed papers and has dedicated her career to bring nutritious foods to those in need, specifically to the lower-income consumers who have to survive on small budgets. She is a widely recognized thought leader in the complex field of nutrition and the linkages between agriculture and nutrition. Regina also delivers key presentations and moderates at international conferences.