Let’s get virtual!


Virtual Reality is a multi-faceted technology that finds its usage mostly in entertainment and marketing. Visitors are invited to learn about the technology of Virtual Reality and especially its usage in scientific research. As a highlight, the visitors are invited to experience different VR studies themselves. This includes scenarios like for example becoming a designer and create an own waiting room for public transport, experiencing bicycle simulations in urban environments, encountering autonomous vehicles, and more!

Wednesday 22 May - From 6.00pm

Market and Food Centre at Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio, Singapore 560724

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Join us to experience virtual reality and talk to the experts in your Hawker Centre!

Sebastian Stadler.png

Sebastian Stadler

Research Associate, TUMCREATE

Visitors are invited to experience a range of TUMCREATE’s Virtual Reality applications and studies. One of our highlights is the interactive design configurator in which the visitor can design a waiting room for public transport including  room dimensions, colour schemes, lighting, and more! Furthermore, the visitor can experience different scenarios that include autonomous vehicles in urban environments.


Michael van Eggermond

Senior Researcher and Module Coordinator of Engineering Mobility, Future Cities Laboratory

Visitors have the chance to experience immersive three dimensional content of an experiment that was conducted in Virtual Reality in order to evaluate bicycle tracks in urban environments.